The Yellowstone Leadership Challenge gives a stage to secondary school understudies all through Yellowstone Country to reveal their potential as preservation pioneers inside their particular groups. Program members assemble in the Gardiner range for an escalated multi-day wild withdraw. The retreat unites understudies from an assorted range of Yellowstone Country groups and encourages talk to scaffold the holes between the country and urban zones of this remarkable scene. With Yellowstone National Park as the setting, the workshop sustains understudies’ understanding of provincial preservation issues and gives administration aptitudes that will further their capacity to make enduring change as backers all through Yellowstone Country park. The workshop incorporates presentations from pioneers in the preservation field; classroom exchanges concentrating on wild, protection and natural issues; gathering work identified with administration advancement abilities and group building; and other outside exercises all through Yellowstone National Park and the Gallatin National Forest. Over the long run we want to bring this system to various diverse groups all through the Yellowstone area.

The objective of the Bear Education Program is to encourage endure mindfulness and preservation. In spite of the fact that the mountain bear populace keeps on growing in size and extent, every year the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem becomes littler and more battered, hence contracting grizzly territory. This, alongside a relentless decrease in whitebark pine timberlands a key fall sustenance hotspot for grizzlies—has prompted a becoming number of human/bear clashes, making bear training more imperative than at any other time. Each one bear training presentation is custom made to fit the need of the group of onlookers, which fluctuates from understudies and group parts to chasing gatherings. Themes range from bear environment and physiology (or what we like to call the “Bear Essentials”) to voyaging securely in bear nation (counting bear spread lessons and demos) and figuring out how to live with bears in our “patios”

Yellowstone Country Guardians

Educational Programs

By teaming up with private area managers, neighborhood groups, government offices, and other philanthropic associations, we work to attain to network through passageways all through Yellowstone Country while cultivating the insurance of untamed life natural surroundings, open space, and watershed quality.

Yellowstone Country Guardians


Through training and group contribution we help those living inside and encompassing Yellowstone Country directions to live in dynamic congruity with the area and its natural life. We compose occasions and opportunities for kids and grown-ups alike to take an interest in picking up a superior thankfulness and understanding of the area and waterways coursing all through this locale.

Through group inclusion we help our natives re-find the magnificence of living with ferocity, while remaining a voice for both the individuals and the areas.

We are about being a specialists of positive change by giving a comprehensive stage to those regularly not included with natural, protection and wild endeavors. We accept that a sound Yellowstone Ecosystem is associated with solid Yellowstone groups on a human level, and that to support a wild Yellowstone, we should likewise sustain our groups and help fortify them financially, socially and ecologically.

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We are about bringing the human component go into protection endeavors. Perceiving that nobody is in better position to appreciate and ensure the Yellowstone Ecosystem than the young of this district, we are about cultivating their advancement. We are about giving a vehicle to nearby group parts, particularly the adolescent, to look into and examine the issues influencing their home, and about proactively aiding them in deciding their group’s own future.